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common faulty and maintenance

Good quality Air source heat pump for sales
Good quality Air source heat pump for sales
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common faulty and maintenance



Possible reason

How to solve


Heat pump doesn’t work

  1. power supply problem
  2. power supply wire loose
  3. the fuse of power supply burnout
  1. cut off power supply swtich, check it
  2. find out reason and repair it
  3. change the fuse


Water pump work but water doesn’t cycle or water pump noisy

  1. lack water in water system
  2. there is air in water system
  3. water valves not open completely
  4. water filter blocked
  1. check cool water compensating system, and compensate water
  2. drain air out
  3. open all valve completely
  4. wash water filter


Heating capacity is too small

  1. refrigerant not enough
  2. water system insulated badly
  3. gas filter blocked
  4. air heat exchanger cannot change heat enough
  5. water flow too small or too large
  1. check leakage and refill refrigerant
  2. improve insulation
  3. change gas filter
  4. wash air heat exchanger
  5. wash water filter or reduce water flow.


Compressor doesn’t work

  1. power supply faulty
  2. wire loose
  3. compressor overheat protected
  4. outlet water temp over high
  5. water flow too small
  1. check and repair power supply
  2. check loose port and repair
  3. check overheat reason and repair
  4. reset outlet water temp
  5. wash water filter and drain air out


Compressor noise too large

  1. liquid refrigerant enter compressor
  2. compressor inside components damaged
  1. check if expansion valved damaged
  2. change compressor


Fan motor doesn’t work

  1. fan motor screw loose
  2. fan motor burn out
  3. fan motor capacitance damaged
  1. tight up screw
  2. change fan motor
  3. change capacitance


Compressor work but can’t heat water

  1. refrigerant leaked all
  2. compressor damaged
  1. check leakage and repair and refill gas
  2. change compressor


Water flow too small protection

  1. water flow is not large enough
  2. water flow switch doesn’t open
  1. wash water filter and drain air in water
  2. adjust or change water flow switch


Exhaust pressure over high

  1. refrigerant too much
  2. there is non-condensable gas in refrigerant system
  3. water flow is not enough
  1. drain redundant refrigerant
  2. drain non-condensable gas
  3. check water system, enlarge water flow


Inlet gas pressure over low

  1. dry-filter blocked
  2. expansion valve blocked or damaged
  3. part of gas leaked
  1. change dry-filter
  2. check if expansion valve open degree is correct
  3. check leakage port and refill gas.


Compressor noise abnormal

Compressor oil is not enough

Fill some oil


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