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Good quality Air source heat pump for sales
Good quality Air source heat pump for sales
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Please read this manual carefully before installing and using this product. We will not be responsible for following condition: any improper installation, improper debugging, and unnecessary maintenance, non-compliance with the provisions of the manual or guidance that lead to personal injury or unit damage. When installed, must be wired in accordance with the circuit diagram which is posted on the electric box of the heat pump by the professionals that have the appropriate qualifications, and the process of installation and use should pay attention to the following points:


  1. Power supply should be the standard power supply of the heat pump. Before installation should confirm the area grid voltage must be in accord with the voltage marked on the nameplate of the heat pump, and confirm if carrying capacity of the power supply. Wires and sockets are accord with heat pump input power requirements.
  2. Users are not allowed to change the power wire of socket, wiring work must be carried out by a qualified electrician, and ensure the metal parts of the heat pump has a good grounding, and are not allowed to change the grounding of the heat pump arbitrarily.
  3. When the heat pump uses a set of power supply wire connected to the fixed wiring, the installation must be equipped with a disconnect device which gap contact distance is at least 3mm.
  4. When finish all wiring work, the heat pump can be connected to the power supply only after carefully check and make sure without error.
  5. Not allowed to be installed in the warehouse where may occur a combustible gas leak.
  6. Do not place hands or foreign objects into the air outlet of the heat pump; this will lead to the risk of personnel and equipments.
  7. In order to obtain a better energy-saving effect, the heat pump should be installed in a place with good air circulation.
  8. The operating panel cannot be placed (for installed) in outdoor or high humidity place, the cable cannot be cut and reconnected.
  9. Before turn on the heat pump, should ensure that the tank has been filled with water or enough water volume that can meet the demand of heat pump running, ensure all the valves on the pipes between the heat pump and the tank are opened, make sure inlet and outlet water pipe is unimpeded.
  10. Rated outlet water temperature is 55C, water temperature should be adjusted to appropriate temperature when using, (most comfortable temperature for people is 38-43C, it is dangerous to use water that higher than 43C.)
  11. Maintenance work should be carried out by professionals. For after sales service, please be sure to supply complete warranty card and barcode.
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