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Copeland (USA Emerson) compressor:

High efficiency, stable performance, and special designed for heat pump products 

Long life (at least 15 years) and free from normal working abrasion

Various protection systems, which ensures the heat pump running under smooth condition.

Over current protection, Over temperature protection

High voltage and low voltage protection.

Resisting the liquid hammer strongly and run steadily on bad conditions


Great Noise isolated material

By using high quality aerial noise isolated material, noise and vibration is avoided perfectly.

Good inside Layout

T6 Fan:

Well selected axial T6 fan motor combined with large fan blade, which provide heavy air blow at low rotate speed, reducing vibration and noise.

High Efficient Tube in Shell Condenser (heat exchanger)

Optimize design of both inner and outer screwed tube, it helps to increase heating exchange efficiency, and provide better heating capacity. The special design of liquid refrigerant circulating tube on the bottom of condenser ensures the heat pump system run smoothly in severe working condition.

And also TRT heat exchangers are designed with double coil design, which water flows inside the coil and refrigerant runs outside the coil. And their strong countercurrent design are helpful for improving the efficiency and not easy to freeze and scaling for the heat pumps.

Eaton (USA) AC contactor and Thermal relay

High quality contactor and thermal relay can freely turn on/off more than 100,000 times.

Wide voltage transformer

By using 220V-240VAC,50/60Hz wide voltage transformer in case of voltage fluctuation, ensure unit work smoothly. Current transformer protecting over-current ensure unit working current more accurate.


Other components:

Temperature sensors
The temperature sensors detect the ambient temperature correctly, and transfer the information to the controllers accurately.

When the temperature sensor detect the ambient temperature is low enough, heat pump system will turn to four-way valve automatically, then the units begin to defrosting.

Air exchangers:
The air exchangers(fins-coil) with hydrophilic coating have high efficient heat exchange, after salt fog testing, prove that these exchangers also have strong anti-corrosion feature.

Expansion valves
TRT adopt the world’s famous brand expansion valves, which control the volume of the refrigerant accurately and reduce energy consumption.


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